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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Newsletter...

I wrote this about a month ago and sent it to my semi private clients - just thought it would be worth sharing and see who can benefit from it. Just a newsletter that I plan to send out weekly...

This is the first of hopefully many more to come…

I thought I would pass along some information I have found useful in regards to Health and Fitness.

First I would like to share something I heard on a Podcast recently. It’s 4 habits that will contribute to someone’s wellbeing - they call it Fundamentals, I wish I remembered where I heard it, but I don’t. But here they are:

1. Work out 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week
2. Consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
3. No smoking
4. Maintain a healthy body weight.

If you can do these things consistently you will be setting yourself up for success when it comes to your Health and Fitness. My guess is the 2nd one might be the hardest one to attain so i thought I would share something that I have done the past few months that I feel has helped me get there. I’ve purchased Suja Organic Mighty Greens from Costco and consume a tall glass first thing in the morning. I still try to get some fruits/veggies with every meal - this just helps assure I go above and beyond.

Lifestyle - 
I read this story on our blog and was blown away and super inspired. I am sure we could all relate to Adam and his story - take 5 minutes to read it and would love to hear how it applies to your life.

I know we are all busy and food prep can be challenging, especially when you are first learning to do so. If you need extra help here just ask me, I am happy to help anyway I can. 

One thing I do when I travel a lot for work is order meals to be made for me. I know this isn’t a great long term plan but it certainly helps me stay on track in the short term. There are many food services out there, and people that are willing to cook for you if you ask around. I have at least 3 that I can refer you to, so if you need it please just ask. 

I know food is a critical component of my health and making sure it sustains me with staying on track with everything that I have going on.

I think that about does it for not - you can look for the weekly newsletter on Thursdays going forward - please fee free to forward it to anyone you think would benefit from it.

“Life is not a spectator sport. It’s better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull than to be up in the stands, or out in the parking lot.” The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Latin America

It's been a whirlwind of a week, but if I don't start this now, I will keep putting it off.   Awhile back I decided it would be great to move to Brasil for a year - well, I have finally done it.   When I say I have moved to Brasil, I mean my new home base is there.   With my job, I have the opportunity to travel almost every weekend so I get to see different parts of the world.

Slowly but surely, everything fell into place where I could finally pick up and move.   This marks the end of my first official week in Latin America/South America/Central America.  I left San Diego on October 1st and worked a level 1 seminar for CFHQ in Rio De Janeiro that following weekend before finally heading to Florianopolis where I now call home base for the next 365 days give or take a few :)

I spent 3 days there - Monday-Wednesday before coming to Panama City, Panama this weekend to work another level 1 seminar.    Panama City has been amazing - I had the opportunity to see the Panama Canal on Friday and for some reason that really impressed me.  I arrived Thursday evening and was well taken care of by Adriana right away as we went out to a great steak dinner.

Friday we got to explore the city a little bit and I even had a chance to do a workout for a competition I am doing in January - Wodapalooza.   We needed to find a pull up bar where I could do not just regular pull ups, chest to bar pull ups but also bar muscle ups.   It was fun doing a competitive workout at a brand new gym which came a long with a few challenges.   Halfway through I ripped my hand and the gym owner was kind enough to let me use his gymnastic wraps so I could complete the workout.   I very much appreciated this as I did not want to have to do the workout again!  

The people in Panama have been so kind.    I was able to find an AA meeting to go to Friday night, which was perfect - someone from the group came and met me at the hotel I am staying and we were able to walk to the meeting.   I hadn't had a chance to go to one since I had left the US, so I was glad I was able to find one here.   We went to dinner after the meeting for fellowship and already I feel like I have people i know and care about me here :)   Great to find AA community wherever I travel to.

Panama City, Panama
The seminar went great - participants were eager to learn and it was a fun weekend working with Adriana and Austin.  I hadn't worked with Austin in a long time and I learned a lot from him.   This was the first time I delivered 2 of the theory lectures on the same weekend #alwaysimproving
This job continues to challenge me on a weekly basis - there is something I am constantly working on improving to make the seminars go well!!!!   I remember when I took my level 1 back in August of 2008 and what an impact it had on me, and now just a little bit more than 6 years later I have an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives every weekend.

This huge change in my life hasn't come without its own set of challenges - from figuring out what to do about a phone while in SA, to getting wifi figured out, transportation, food, you name it.   I was lucky enough to have a great living situation with the owner of CF Florianopolis walking distance to his box which allowed me to train there this past week I was there :)

Along with all the changes, I managed to get a stomach bug tuesday night - very pleasant, NOT!!!!   I was in some serious pain that night and the following day and its slowly been going away this past weekend.   As I get ready to return to Florianopolis tomorrow my goal is to get a few things this week there - a wifi card so I can use my laptop anywhere I want, look into getting a cell phone and see if I can get more consistent with eating 4 meals a day which is where I operate best.   Not sure what I will do about transportation yet, but there's time for all that...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From a client....

Good morning Crossfit Coaches,
It's Mirelle from the 6AM crew and I just wanted to take some time out to wish you all a safe and happy holiday!
When I started Crossfit this past June I was broken...literally.  I had a jacked up left ankle I could barely flex.  My right knee was a mess and I was on the verge of a stress fracture.  Just getting out of bed was a chore.  I had just completed the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon, which I was strongly advised not to do.  But I've never been one to listen when someone tells me I can't do something.  After that run, I felt defeated.  I finished it, but knew it would probably would be my last run.
Last Saturday I did Team In Training's famous Train Run.  We hopped on a train to Oceanside and ran back to our vehicles parked in Solana Beach...16 miles away.  I did this same run in April, which is where I jacked up my left ankle.  It was the run that started my downward spiral so I felt I needed to do it again. 
When I finished the run I felt as good at mile 16 as I did at mile 1.  AND, I ran it...the entire thing...over an hour faster than I did in April.  Granted I was broken in April, but I never thought I would ever be able to run around the block, let alone to do that run again.  It's the BEST xmas present I could have asked for so I wanted to thank all of you for helping me get there. 
It means a lot to me to feel this great running again.  Running is pretty much the only stress reliever I had available to me.  Without running my only other option was alcoholism, and I'm not even a big drinker!  I also run for the leukemia society.  For years I've been running in memory or in honor of complete strangers.  This year a friend/co-worker was diagnosed with the disease so I decided I would try for one more marathon...even if I had to walk the damn thing.  For years she's supported me in my efforts.  I couldn't tell her I wasn't going to do one for her.  She's been going through chemo since Sept and I learned yesterday the chemo didn't work.  Her only chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant.  The operation is scheduled a few days before my marathon.  It means everything to me to be able to run this one for her, and it means a lot to her that I am running. 
Since all my long runs fall on Saturdays, this Saturday I'll be doing my 18 miler.  I'm one my own for this one as my running group is taking the day off, but I still expect to run it strong.  I'll be running this one for first Crossfit partner.  She's the main reason I didn't quit Crossfit because I really hated it for the first few months.
Next Saturday, New Year's Eve, is my 20 miler.  I can't think of a better way of ending this year!  Currently I'm back to where I was when I thought I was fit.  I can't wait to see how much better I can be in 2012.  Thanks again!
Oh, and Crossfit has also helped me out in the workplace!  Two days ago I was punched in the arm by some crook, for no reason.  Next thing I knew I was holding the jackass up in the air by the back of his shirt (he was only like 125 pounds) as I "walked" him over to a holding cell.  When I threw him in the cell, I apparently threw him in so hard my partner went flying in with him.  I did feel bad about that. 
Anyway, enjoy your holidays and I'll be in the gym Monday morning!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Conversations with God

This was too good not to post - I receive a daily email and really wanted to share this

On this day of your life, Nuno, I believe God wants you to know...
...that taking better care of yourself is not merely a matter
of good health, it is a measure of spiritual evolution.

Some people take better care of their car than they do
of their body. Most people, in fact, pay little attention
to their body until something goes wrong. Yet why
create that kind of situation?

Look at what you are eating. How much and how
often do you exercise? When was your last check-up?
Are you treating your physical vehicle as if it is Divine?
Good for you if you are. If you aren't...why not?
Love, Your Friend.... 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update for week ending 12/4

I started sending out a weekly update to my personal training clients.  I figured I wanted to touch base with them on a regular basis outside of the gym and wanted to create more community within the groups that meet with me regularly.  I typically look for things to acknowledge from the past week and pull together some information that I think will be valuable.  I thought I would post and share this on my blog - maybe someone will get something out of it :)

Another week has come and gone - by now you are looking forward to when these come out, right?
I most certainly hope so.  A few people were gone over thanksgiving so it was nice to get everyone back in the groove of things last week. 

Special shout out to Rob & Brandon for doing the workout Jackie last week- i think most of you have done since I love to use it as a benchmark.  
Row 1000, 50 Thrusters with the bar and 30 Pull ups - fun times to be had.  Who's looking forward to re-doing it to see how they do on it?

Updating spreadsheet - Brandon, Bo, Rob, Carolyn, Sarah
If you aren't doing it, let's figure out a way to get on it to stay current - would incentive help?

For some critical thinking please watch the following: 

I may have mentioned this book in one of our training sessions "Happier" - I finished it in the past 6 months and can honestly say its contributed greatly to my overall happiness and well being and would highly recommend it to all!!!!

Nutrition - 
Have you been keeping up with the habits I emailed previously? Below is the new habit to implement - do it for this week
Habit 5: Eat healthy fats daily - if you don't know what these are, please ask me
And here are the previous habits that I have sent out 
Habit 1:  Eat every 2-3 hours
Habit 2: eat complete, lean protein with each feeding opportunity
Habit 3:  Eat vegetables with each feeding opportunity
Habit 4:  Eat veggies/fruit with any meal.  Eat "other carbs" only after exercise

Last but not least, please welcome Joel to the semi-privates, he'll be joining us twice a week.  Be sure to make him feel welcomed to our groups :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


I can't believe its almost Christmas - where did 2011 go?

I have so much to be thankful this year, yet at times I still feel somewhat discontent - why is that?  Here's my 2011 recap with some reflection on what happened...

I have been at Crossfit Invictus coaching for over 2 years now - before I started on this journey it seems like I couldn't hold down a job for any sort of length of time.  I have also been coaching for Crossfit Endurance for about the same amount of time which has allowed me to travel extensively throughout the United States as well as internationally.

This past year along I had the opportunity to go to Australia twice and New Zealand - both trips were absolutely amazing and it really made me appreciate the impact that Crossfit has had on a global level which was really driven home when I competed at the world games in July.

In 2008 I decided to go back to school to get my teaching credential since I wanted to work with kids to have the opportunity to positively impact their lives and futures.  About a year into the program I started coaching too and in 2009 decided to pursue this road that I have been on ever since.  This year I have had the chance to start working with kids too as I have a group that meets every week from Monarch School.  I really like coaching the kids once a week, I have the 7th & 8th graders for about 40 minutes every week and its been amazing to watch their progress and their outlook on health and fitness.

This year I also made a commitment to pay off my debts and have been making a lot of progress in that department - I have paid off close to 10,000 in credit card and old debts that I have slowly been working towards.

I have competed in 2 triathlons this year as well - I did SuperSeal  in March as I was preparing to do an Ironman a few weeks later.  I trained for about 5 months or so to get ready for IM St. George and about 5 weeks prior my body broke down.  I remember someone saying 'training for an IM will age you' and i can now look back and agree - I am not in my 20s anymore and my body does that a little longer to recover and the training for it coupled with training for the CF Games was a bit much.

I risked blowing out my achilles which I aggravated it in my 2 prep races in March - looking back it was one of the best things that could have happened, it forced me to slow down and remember that I am not invincible.  All of it came crashing at once, I got super sick right before my trip out to Australia at the end of March and decided to pull out of the race then to focus on getting and staying healthy so that I could compete at the CF Games.

I am so thankful for my teammate Invictus s on the team - without them we couldn't have done what we did.  We won regionals convincingly, it was an absolute blast, we had the support of our community at the event taking great care of us, superb coaching and we went out and executed flawlessly.  Being at the CF Games in July was absolutely mind-blowing. Getting to compete on the big stage for the 3rd year in a row was such a privilege that I can't even describe it.  I feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to do so and can't thank everyone enough that helped along the process.

Professionally I feel super lucky, aside from being at a great coaching facility I have some fantastic clients that have seen some transformational changes along the way that really make me appreciate what I do and make it all the more rewarding :)  I also had the chance to take the CF kids course in February and a couple of the OPT courses where I learned a ton.

I also started doing more things socially this year too- i joined a flag football league and met some fun people and even started dating this year which has really been huge progress in my life :)

I'm also coming up on another year sober - 4 years at the end of December and I have to honestly say that my life wouldn't be what it is now if it weren't so.  I feel super lucky to have gone through what happened because its paved the road for where I am at now.   It's not all roses though, this year I have also had to start the process of dealing with the implications of my run in with the law in 2005 which could potentially have me deported.  I have an immigration attorney and am hopeful everything will turn out ok, but at times doubt still creeps in.  All in all, I know this is just part of the process and everything will turn out exactly how its supposed to, if it means I have to leave the US, so be it, although I am hoping it isn't so.

With another month in 2011, I look back and can say that this year has been SUPER.  There have been some tough times, but many more great times looking back.  One of the things I always look forward to is attending Hot N Dry - a sober event in September and I got to go back for the 4th year in a row this year.  I get to make my own schedule with work/clients which I feel super lucky to do so, I have gotten to work with kids, I have an endurance team that meets regularly and have trained several athletes that have qualified for Boston Marathon (pinnacle for endurance events)

One thing I started doing earlier this year is writing in my journal on a nightly basis a simple gratitude list - 5 things most of the days that I am thankful for.  If I went back and looked I think what would show up the most is my health - getting the opportunity to work out and train people for a living.  Cooking - I love food and I cook a majority of my own meals which allows me to be creative and put what serves me best into my system.   Friends often shows up on my gratitude list, I feel super lucky to be surrounded by some great individuals.  At times when I have been down, they have picked me up, when I needed someone to talk to they've been there :)

Thank you for being part of my journey - its been a great year so far and looking forward to a great month of December to wrap up 2011....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's been way too long since I have posted.  I have been thinking about posting, but it's just not the same.
Since the Crossfit Games took place at the end of July I have had a lot of travel, and that is no excuse, but I just haven't been disciplined enough to sit my butt down and share some of my thoughts and things I have been going through - so here it goes.

Our team did really well at the games, we finished 15th overall which is phenomenal considering there are close to 3,000 affiliates worldwide now - definitely not a bad showing, but part of me felt dissapointed with the outcome.   I think everyone on our team had super high expectations, after winning the southern california regionals we thought we had a chance to compete for the title at the Home Depot Center.  We competed hard, but made a couple of mistakes here and there and things just didn't turn out the way we wanted them to - that's the way it goes in competition sometimes.  Losing is not always the easiest thing to cope with, the dissappointment provided a lot of opportunity for what I call character building.

I feel like the experience definitely was beyond what I could have imagined, but I was in a lull for about a week until i let go.  I remember this lesson - it's not necessarily about the outcome of the competition, but doing your best and leaving it all out there.  So what we didn't win, big deal, our fans love us just the same.   It was amazing to have the CF Invictus community AKA Sea of Green cheering for us.

I was gone 3 out of the 4 weekends in August, the first trip was to San Francisco and this was a play/vacation.  I competed in the SF Track & Field Pride Meet where I reconnected with some people I met at the Gay Games last summer.  This was a super fun event, nothing I trained for specifically and just went out and enjoyed myself :)  I also had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my good friend Miguel from college and I always cherish our times together.  We've known each other since my freshman year in college which is now going on 12 years and our friendship has definitely grown and evolved over the years through the good and bad times :)  He's someone I highly respect, trust and always learn from and when we get to hang out we have some of the best conversations ever.

Next weekend I was in Houston coaching a Crossfit Endurance course, and this was the biggest one I've lead.  There were 53 athletes signed up, I had an assistant coach and an intern and the weekend was beyond amazing.  Bayou City Crossfit is a fantastic facility with some great coaches and everything fell into place perfectly and had the most incredible experience where everything clicked!

The next weekend I was in Ventura for another Crossfit Endurance course and I had the opportunity to attend a nutrition seminar with Dr. John Berrardi from Precision Nutrition as well - this was an awesome experience.  Both the course and the seminar, the whole weekend was great!  To top off the weekend I had dinner with one of the best people in the world - my friend Stephen Baldonado, and god knows we've been through some years together from college, NY and now here in California.  Such a great person and our conversations always seem to pick up where they leave off :)

Tired of the travel yet?  I went almost 3 weeks straight without a day off and I didn't get run down at all - i guess this whole eating healthy and working out helps...

I was here for labor day weekend and attended Feeling Good, where I got to reconnect with some people in the program.  The next week I was off to Palm Springs for the annual event I attend - Hot N Dry  This is one of the things I look forward to every year,  for me personally its an experience like no other, hard to describe.  We had a group of 4 that shared a room and we had a fantastic time - everyone got along great, met some new people, got to know some people better - all around a phenomenal weekend!!!  I have already signed up for next year - this is my 4th year in a row that I have attended :)

The following weekend I went to Portland to coach the Crossfit Endurance course there - I had been there in February and Tony had attended the course I coached there, so it was nice to have a familiar face in the crowd as he was hosting at his facility.  Portland is a beautiful city, I stayed close to downtown and went exploring the city on Friday night - walked around for about an hour, went to a meeting, took public transportation back and felt super connected to the city.

That's the end of the travel - 5 out of 6 weekends gone, had some amazing experiences and met lots of people and feeling like I am living life to the fullest.  I am not scheduled to travel till November which is great, give me some sense of calm and getting into a routine and to compliment being here we've launched a 5k training program for 5 weeks :)  I like to stay busy, i find that I am more effective and efficient if I have a lot going on - what I did learn this year is to minimize my distractions and made sure the things that I was busy with were in alignment with my goals and help me get to where I want to be instead of just being busy for the sake of being busy - can you relate?

All in all I was telling a good friend last night that I feel super rejuvenated - once I got past the lull of the games I have been super focused, driven, motivated and inspired to continue to make a difference, positively impact people in the world and empower individuals to pursue their dreams & passions.  I feel like I am one of the luckiest people in the world, living a dream life.  I think that's about all for now, there's a couple of books that I've read in the past few months that have contributed to the overall level of happiness that I have been experiencing but that's going to require another blog post altogether - I will get it done this week :)